Baby Shower 'Toy Block' Balloon Boxes


These balloon boxes were lovingly created for a gender-neutral baby shower, and were an absolute show stopper! They are simply too adorable and well-crafted to break down, so they are being sold off in the Chicagoland area. Hopefully, they will bring a whimsical wow-factor to many more exceptional, expectant mothers.


  • Each box is 24"x24"x24", reaching a staggering 8ft tall when stacked.
  • The box frames are white double-wall foam board, making them shockingly sturdy and light. They are not collapsable or able to be disassembled/reassembled.
  • The translucent box walls are made from a flexible vinyl on five sides. The top of each block is open to fill with balloons, confetti, etc. 
  • The 'BABY' letters are permanently-affixed cardstock on all four box faces; it would not be feasible to 'change' the letters for different events. 
  • Balloons and balloon arch not included.

Purchase & Delivery

Purchaser must reside in the Chicagoland area; the boxes are too big and precious to ship via regular mail carrier. I will contact the buyer ASAP to schedule a drop-off time to a Chicagoland-based office or store location.



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