Where It Began

Kaitlyn Dornbier's first sewing machine came in high school, but it would take years of gathering dust before it's adventure began. While studying engineering and art at the University of Iowa, Kaitlyn fell in love with the process of making fashion; from sketching ideas and learning techniques to sewing and illustrating the final pieces. 

Gotta Start Somewhere

First Etsy Shop

After graduation, armed with a handful of oil painting projects and too much time on her hands, Kaitlyn put into motion the launch of her first Etsy shop. This would be an important learning opportunity; navigating the ropes of running an online shop, working with customers, and exploring the world of fine art printing. The shop debuted in February 2018.

Challenge Yourself

The Calendar Dress Collection

Early in 2018, Kaitlyn stumbled upon the incredible seamstress and blogger Leanne Barlow, who had just started her #MonthlyDressSeries. Inspired, Kaitlyn started her own #CalendarDressCollection  as an outlet to tackle interesting projects and learn new techniques. Through the process, she rediscovered her love for creating fashion and illustrating the designs.

Not Your Grandma's

Sewing Guide

The concept of publishing a sewing guide bloomed in the fall of 2017. Kaitlyn enthusiastically undertook the massive project; spending weekends, late nights, and vacation days outlining tutorials, sewing projects, photographing, illustrating steps, and compiling the book. In October 2018, 'Not Your Grandma's Sewing Guide' was published as a witty, curse-filled manual for beginner crafter's of every skill level. It's available as a paperback and Amazon eBook. 

New Projects

Sewing Patterns

With the sewing guide behind her and a thirst for new, smaller projects, Kaitlyn waded into the wild world of pattern-making. Opening a second Etsy shop, the first collection of downloadable sewing patterns was released in June 2019. Kaitlyn will continue to release patterns to - hopefully - encourage new and old sewers alike, of every size, to get out there and work with their hands. 

Launching a New Store

Illustrated Merchandise

Every step along the journey has been instrumental in leading to this store opening. Every illustration done for friends and family, every midnight sewing project, every accomplishment and setback in handling an online store, and every new idea and obstacle has shaped this beautiful, exciting idea into reality. I have grown to deeply appreciate the art of fashion and how it influences our lives, and I am thrilled to share it with you!

- Kaitlyn Dornbier

Let's Celebrate!

Cheer to  our new collection; dedicated to delivering fun and fashionable products to make every day brighter. Clink!


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