Custom Illustration


Custom illustrations are an incredible gift for a happy wedding couple, your best friend, or your family! Add a special touch to your brand, celebrate an event, or gift something totally unique with a custom fashion illustration! These illustrations are detailed, sharp, chic, depictions of the subject with stylistic flair. 

DETAILS Custom illustrations are a standard 8x10" size and are priced per figure (note: a pet is considered a figure). Additional sizes can be quoted upon request. Allow approximately two weeks for turnaround time.

Illustrations are completed in the modern, fashion-forward style. Figures are drawn with stylistic proportions that are generally longer and slimmer than natural proportions. While there may be a hint of individual's facial features (lips, eyelashes, etc), the subjects will not be captured with portrait-level realness. 

The default background is white, but an illustrated background may be added. 

REFERENCE PHOTOS For each person being illustrated, you'll need to provide a close-up, straight-on photo and full-length photo. When ordering a couple or group illustration, provide a group photo (if possible) to show heights relative to one another. 

Exact images are required of each piece of the subjects' outfits; these may be items the subject already owns or a dream ensemble. Accessories such as shoes, handbags, and ties must be included. Colors can be altered for a more cohesive look or to suit the subjects' favorite color scheme.

If a background is requested, clear, high-resolution reference photos must be provided. Please avoid screenshots. The season of the background may be altered for no additional charge (Note: it is easier to change from summer to winter than the other way around). 

DELIVERY Physical illustrations are shipped, unframed in protective, archival packaging to the address listed on the order, and digital illustrations are delivered as both a digital download and a signed 8x10" print (please adhere to copyright).

For additional prints, figures, or other variations not listed, please contact us prior to ordering.


1) Add 'Custom Illustration' to your cart for your preferred medium, number of figures, and optional extras.

Note: A pet is considered a figure. As an example, an illustration of a couple and their dog would be considered three figures. 

2) Include all reference photos in ONE email to with the subject 'Custom Illustration for Order #___'. 

Work on an illustration does not begin until the order is submitted and all reference images are provided.

3) Design will take approximately two weeks. With physical illustrations, a rough sketch is provided for approval (particularly when a background is included). With digital illustrations, minor adjustments may be made to the final piece. Any additional questions on my part will be relayed through the email thread.

4) The illustration will be sent as an attachment to the email listed on the order and/or shipped to the address listed on the order. If you will require additional prints, please contact us prior to ordering.

If you're in love with the final product, please feel free to share on social media and tag @kdornbierillustrations! 


Final illustration is ©kdornbier 2023. This artwork is for the personal use of the original purchaser only. No part of this product may be reproduced for resale. If you wish to make and sell items using this illustration, please contact us for terms. All rights reserved.

Don't hesitate to reach out for more information!

Unfortunately, no returns but if there are any issues I will make adjustments as needed.


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