Live artistic events are growing in popularity, giving brands and events a truly unique experience for their customers. We are available for on-sight, public and private events and hope to bring a stylish flair to your wedding, blogger event, fashion show, store opening, and more.

Live Fashion Illustration

Put your guests or products in the limelight with on-site, live fashion illustrations. Opt for traditional paper-and-ink fashion illustrations or add a twist with digital fashion illustration; drawings done using an iPad to capture clients at their most fabulous. Either option is wonderful for guests to experience and are priced the same. Physical illustrations are a unique, tangible memory to take home, and digital illustrations are sent directly to customer's phones or emails. 

Live Painting

Where live illustration events are all about quick, fun pieces for guests to enjoy individually, live painting events allow attendees to witness one artwork being created throughout the entire event. We will brainstorm with you to determine what size, subject matter, and medium are appropriate for the event and time frame. Depending on the medium used, pieces may be delivered immediately after the event, or finished back at the studio and returned. Paintings can be done in a variety of mediums; oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolor, even marker on glass - let your creative wheels start turning!


Each live artwork event is unique. All pricing will be quoted individually. For inquiries about date availability and booking, contact us.

While based in Chicago, we're more than willing to take this show on the road! Kaitlyn has had the opportunity to illustrate all over the Midwest, and as far out as sunny Palm Springs! Distances of more than 2 hours will incur added travel expenses.