Hi, I'm Kaitlyn Dornbier. I'm a software engineer and graphic designer based in Chicago. I've worked in the full stack of development, web design, and mobile applications. I love my job - it allows me to wrestle with interesting, complex problems from both a technical and creative perspective. I prefer to approach projects as a whole, with a full understanding of how the data will be interpreted and the users will interact with the interface before diving in. I try to stick to simple, clean elements and let the ease of the experience speak for itself.

Full-Stack Development
Web Development
UI/UX Design
Graphic Design

Work Experience

Fall 2016 - Present

Software Engineer

Motorola Solutions, Inc., Schaumburg, IL

With Motorola, I've had opportunity to touch the full-stack to support the supply chain's licensing technology. I also worked on development and design of internal tools used for license processing and reporting, integrating into legacy technology when needed.





Spring 2012 - Fall 2015

Teaching Assistant

University of Iowa, College of Engineering

I worked as a teaching assistant for several different courses, spanning all levels of software engineer's development. I assisted students with both software and hardware concepts and comprehension and communicated on an individual basis to tackle problems logic and understanding.




Summer 2015

Software Intern

Motorola Solutions, Inc., Schaumburg, IL

As an intern, I worked on an inter-department project to develop a dynamic, real-time web application for the factory floor. I gathered requirements from a variety of engineering and data groups to develop a seemless addition to the current factory process, and followed the full life-cycle of the project.





Summer 2014

Software Engineering SEPP Intern

Rockwell Collins, Inc, Cedar Rapids IA

My summer with Rockwell Collins, Inc. was spent controlling and documenting development-stage alternate-input devices like the Tobii eye-tracker, Google Glass, and Logitech Leap. I worked with the devices to coordinate novel gesture-recognition pairings and functionality that may later be implemented in the aeronautic guidance systems.



Summer 2013

Software Engineering Intern

Bio::Neos, Inc, Coralville, IA

My first internship, I began by upgrading the company's rsync backup system. I became more comfortable with real-world software applications by debugging and improving the client database and webpages.





"Isn't there anything you need in this world that only your two hands can create?"
- Jandy Nelson











Logo Design

here, let me google it
My friends love to tease me about how often I google things - anything and everything goes right to the search bar. As engineers, we aren't given the exact answers and solutions for development. We are taught how to ask questions. We learn what to ask, how to dig for answers, to adjust and readjust and 'just one more try why isn't this working?' because programming isn't an exact science - it's an art. In my engineering experience, knowing the right answer isn't half as valuable as knowing how to ask the right questions. One doesn't have to be an expert in every programming language and corner-of-the-web development platform - and, honestly, who could be - but with the right basics and the right queries (little software pun there), you can solve any problem. So hold on, let me google it.



Dec 2015


MS Software Engineering

University of Iowa

After finishing undergraduate studies at Iowa, I chose to pursue a graduate degree to gain more in-depth logic and algorithm techniques, and practical knowledge of software development.

May 2016


BFA Graphic Design

University of Iowa

Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies, I pursued a second major in Studio Art. My final semester after graduate school focused on Graphic Design and painting.

May 2014


BS Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Iowa

Born and raised a Hawkeye, I attended the College of Engineering at Iowa to study both hardware and software engineering. I narrowed my interest to software after sophomore year.


WalkThru iOS Application

Senior Engineering Group Project

For our senior design project, we developed a user-driven mobile app in Xcode for virtual tours and postings of rental properties. We utilized PHP backend and Objective-C structure for application.

Spring 2015

University of Iowa

Surveyed Android and iOS Application

Software Engineering Group Project

With a larger group of both computer and electrical engineers, I was the project manager for cross-platform mobile app designed for social polling.

Spring 2014

University of Iowa

Android Cookbook Group Project

Sophomore Programming

In our sophomore year, computer engineers were challeged to a software project of their choosing in a 24-hour hackathon. As group lead, we opted for a cookbook Android application with a simple database backend.

Fall 2012

University of Iowa